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EIA Rate Review 2013

Response to the Manitoba Government Employment and Income Assistance Rate Review 2013

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg In partnership with the EIA Advocates Network

Response to Rate Review FINAL 2014


Employment and Income Assistance Rate Review 2013

In 2010 the Manitoba Ombudsman’s Report recommended a formal, documented process for reviewing and making recommendations for periodically updating basic and shelter rates, income and asset exemptions, and other income assistance allowances in a logical and equitable manner.  This was to ensure the EIA rate-setting process be documented and made available to the public, with specific attention to determine whether participants are required to use benefits allocated for basic necessities to supplement benefits allocated for rent, and if so, how frequently and to what extent this occurs.

The EIA Rate Review released in December 2013 was prepared in response does not address these requirements, there is no method for how rates are set, how often they would be reviewed or what those rates should be.  There is no attention in the report to income and asset exemptions, or other income allowances.  The review has four recommendations that provide some direction but the report does not provide information and transparency guidance necessary to move the EIA program forward in keeping with the intent of the Ombudsman’s recommendations.

EIA Rate Review

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