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EIA Circulars


Policy Clarification Regarding Therapeutic Diet Nutritional Supplement Approvals 2017-27

Administrative Requirements for EIA Participants Requesting Subsidized Meal Services 2017-26

Discontinuation of Get Started Benefit 2017-24

Rent and Security Deposit Process 2017-25

Rent Assist – Mass Rate Change 2017-21

Provision of EIA Financial Supports for Dependent Children Living With an Adult Who is Not Their Parent Legal Guardian 2017-20

Treatment of Child Maintenance Income: ongoing vs. lump sum payments 2017-13


Quarterly Rates for Old Age Security, GIS and Veterans Allowance, 2016-40

Residential Charges (Per Diem) for Personal Care 2016-35

Cockroach Treatment 2016-43

Samin Letter – Old Age Security 2016-39

Winnipeg Transit Peggo Card 2016-31

Podiatry or Chiropody and Foot Care Services – 2012-06R2

Quarterly rate changes 2016-01_Quarterly_Rate_Changes

Clarification of Property Tax Arrears Policy 2016-19

Employment and Training Supports for Those Seeking or in Receipt… 2016-15

Additional Moving Costs due to Bed Bugs 2016-11

MedicAlert Bracelets and Hearing Aids 2016-10


Financial Supports for Children to Alternate Caregivers 2016-03

GA-RWHP-circular (Revised) 2016-02R


Transition period: 2015-46, Dec 1 2015

Quarterly Rates for Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Security
(GIS) and War Veterans Allowance (WVA) benefits: Circular Number: 2015-31 July 7, 2015.

Bed Bugs: Circular Number: 2012-36R  June 4, 2015. See also the Bed Bugs Fact Sheet and Bed Bugs products brochure.

Get Ready! – Employment and Income Assistance Enhanced
Education & Training Policy: CIRCULAR NUMBER: 2014-09 February 12, 2015

Increased Rate for Processing Child Care Receipts: CIRCULAR NUMBER: EIA #2012-52 R3 (Revised) February 26, 2015


2012-56R Security Deposits






2014-02 EIA Quarterly Rate Changes

2014-17 Child Care Subsidy EIA-TES – Attachment A CC Subsidy App

2014-06 Attachment 1 – Sustainable Employment Pathway

2014 06 EIA and EM Roles and Responsibilities

2014-07 Referrals to ESM

2014-09 AP and Exception Reporting

2014-10 JSAR Elimination

2014-12 EIA Assign Term of Support – final

2014-12 EIA Family Maintenance Plan – final

2014-12 EIA Support Arrears Appendix – final

2014-12 Maintenance Policies and Procedures

2014-12 Private Support Agreement – final

2014-15 Attachment 1 PIO How to Apply PDF (ENG)

2014-15 Attachment 2 IO How to Apply PDF (FR)

2014-15 Pre-Intake Orientations

2014-16 MB Rent Assist Program – March 2014

2014-17 Child Care Subsidy EIA-TES


2013-41R2 RentAid Enhancements

2013-01 Variation of Maintenance Age of Majority

2013-02 EIA Quarterly Rate Changes

2013-04 Policy Updates: Rewarding Work Health Plan

2013-06 New Diet Request Form

2013-06 Therapeutic Diet & Nutritional Supplement Request Form (English)

2013-06 Therapeutic Diet & Nutritional Supplement Request Form (French)

2013-10 Residential Tenancies Branch Changes

2013-29 Quarterly Rate Changes July 2013

2013-32 Recognition Counts

2013-33 RentAid Transition Bonus

2013-34 PCH Per Diem

2013-35 Clarification of Single Grants and Health Card Only

2013-37 Rate of Recovery

2013-38 Single Parent Announcement

2013-39 FPO Circular

2013-39 FPO – Our commitment to fair practices: courtesy, information, privacy

2013-40 Relatives Providing Child Care

2013-41 RentAid Enhancements REVISED


2012-12R Pardons

2012-05R Extending benefits to support addictions treatment REVISED (3)

2012-05R Extending benefits to support addictions treatment REVISED

2012-32 Automated School Supplies

2012-33 Waste Collection

2012-34 Residential Tenancies Branch – Claims for Compensation

2012-35 EI and CPP Treatment of Garnishee Orders

2012-36 Bed Bugs

2012-36 Bed Bugs Attachment bed bugs fact sheet

2012-38 HIV Infant Formula Program

2012-40 Quarterly Rate Changes (July 2012)

2012-41 SAHS for Newcomers IFHP changes

2012-43 Diapering Supplies for Adults and Special Needs Children

2012-43R Diapering Supplies for Adults and Special Needs Children REVISED November 2012

2012-44 PCH Per Diem

2012-47 Shared Rent Policy Revisions

2012-49 Nutritional Supplement Changes

2012-53 Zyprexa Settlement Exemption

2012-56 Security Deposits

2012-59 Hydro PAYS loan program Nov 2012

2012-60 Health Card Only Single Grants for PSRs Nov-2012

2012-61 Outstanding Warrants

2012-62 EIA Case Management re: CFS Apprehension-Re-unification

2012-63 FVPP Expanded Definition

2012-64 – Medical Supplies and Equipment – CLDS EIA Protocol

2012-67 SAHS Outstanding Warrants Policy (English)

2012-67 SAHS Outstanding Warrants Policy (French)


2011-07 Wheelchair Approvals

2011-13 Client Action Plan

2011-19 First Nation Land Claim Settlement Exemption

2011-20 Grant Funding of Emergency Beds/Mats (April 2011)

2011-26 Treatment of MPI Rebates

2011-28 Vocational Rehabilitation Program Name Change

2011-33 EIA Treatment of Canada Student Grants

2011-34 EIA Case Category Brochures

2011-35 Obligation Not To Leave or Refuse Employment/Just Cause for Leaving or Refusing Employment

2011-35 Just Cause to Leave or Refuse a Job (English)

2011-35 Just Cause to Leave or Refuse a Job (French)

2011-37 The Opportunity to Apply for EIA

2011-38 Job Centre Alternatives to Applying for EIA Attachment

2011-38 Job Centre Alternatives to Applying for EIA

2011-40 Pre-Intake Orientations (PIO)

2011-40 Pre-Intake Orientation Checklist (English)

2011-40 Pre-Intake Orientation Checklist (French)

2011-41 Reducing Physician Verification

2011-42 Automated School Supplies

2011-44 EIA Disability Assessment Process

2011-47 Application Changes for Barriers to Employment

2011-48 Adding Newborns

2011-49 No Increase to the Residential Charges (per diems) for Personal Care Homes or Long-term Care Health Facilities

2011-52 Bell Hotel Supportive Housing Project

2011-64 Shelter Enhancements

2011-67 Supports for Victims of Human Trafficking

2011-68 Bus Pass Increase for Winnipeg 2012


2010-46R EIA Orthopaedic Footwear and Foot Orthotics Policy (REVISED)


2008-30R Bed Bugs (REVISED)

2008-30R Bed Bugs Fact Sheet (REVISED)

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