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  1. Does someone who is homeless qualify for social assistance in Manitoba?

    • Yes, If they can provide a Mailing address. Many agencies and organizations will provide this under certain circumstances, that their client and advocate agree to. This would allow that person to receive some EIA Benefits. For more information, you can access the EIA Manual ,

  2. Grace permalink

    Has the province released the rate review as they indicated they would? It would be reasonable to release it in spite of the cabinet shuffle.

  3. Catherine Wirt permalink

    Grace, here is the address for the Rate Review paper as released by the government of MB. Does not meet the Ombudsman’s recommendation…

  4. BC government increases earning exemption, but exaggerates number of families who will benefit:

  5. Hi J!

    Technically yes, they will only receive basic needs funds as they don’t have a rental to pay rent on…but no rent funds will be issued without a completed & “verified” rent form. Total budget for a single person on EIA is $505 Total rent amount allowed is $285 so $505-$285=$220 is the left over so individual should be issued $220.


  6. Hello. I am currently on regular benefits here in Winnipeg. I cannot work due to mental health issues. My family Doctor has sent in a disability report. My worker has said that they would need a report from a psychiatrist or psychologist. As I’m unable to pay for a psychiatrist, I opted to try for a psychologist, as it will be covered under Indian Affairs (my mother is a residential school survivor). I spoke today with the psychologists’ assistant, and apparently they don’t fill out any kind of form that I can submit to EIA to prove my state of mental health. I can ask my Dr. for a referral to a psychiatrist. But everyplace I call says Manitoba Health will not cover it. Any suggestions? Please help. It seems EIA is trying to make it very hard for me to get on disability.

  7. The current provincial government has neglected children by clawing back child support to parents on EIA. It is an archaic and pro-poverty policy. British Columbia ended the clawback in 2015. There is currently a class action lawsuit in Ontario and a human rights complaint in Alberta. In the coming months there will be once again a class action lawsuit against the province of Manitoba for its utter neglect of children in our province. To ‘pick pocket’ money from children living in poverty is deplorable.

    Please let people know that i am fighting to end the clawback in Manitoba.

  8. A friend in Manitoba (Portage La Prairie) was recently denied EI and is putting together an appeal. The changes made to the appeal process by the Harper government in 2014 make this a daunting task and we are looking for organizations in PLP or Winnipeg that provide advocates or advice in this regard. Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • The Community Unemployed Help Center
      Community Unemployed Help Centre provides information, assistance, advice, and representation to individuals dealing with the federal government’s Employment Insurance program and the Manitoba Government’s Employment and Income Assistance program.

      The Centre’s services are open to everyone in need and no fees are charged for any service.

      Phone: 204-942-6556
      We are located at 501-275 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4M6
      Hours of Operation: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

  9. Todd Donohue permalink

    EIA is infamous for this position. They deny you disability due to lack of medical documents from a specialist. If this is your first attempt at disability then EIA will demand further information knowing full well that a psychiatrist psychologist assessment can take up to a year. You do have some recourse though. Find an EIA Advocate, I’m one and I work at Crossways in Common 222 Furby at Broadway, Mondays and Fridays I would like to speak with you in person to get more info and a consent to speak to your worker on your behalf. There is always an appeal that you can file as well. All of these things we can work together on if you wish. There are advocates in most areas of the city that you can access also The EIA ADVOCATES NETWORK has a listing of many of them.
    Thanks Todd Donohue
    If you decide, contact me at the email address or phone number below.

  10. Can a person with a dependent child who is on employable welfare in BC ($945.56/mo) be forced to apply for CPP at 60 solely for the purpose of MSDSI clawing it back? We are asking for a reconsideration – 1. if employable then looking for work and may find work so should not be collecting CPP
    2. CPP is $140/mo
    3. Single parents with 1 dependent are allowed to “earn” $400/mo so If forced to collect CPP, it should NOT be clawed back as CPP is “earned income”. (CPP was “earned” by working – people who have not worked do not get CPP. Has anyone won an appeal of this?

  11. gillian permalink

    can eia take pension earning dollar for dollar? I was under the impression that people could earn so much extra income per month, yet the first pension payment was taken completely our of eia benefit.

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