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Day to Day: Stories of Winnipeg’s Working Poor

May 8, 2014

“In just one month over 60,000 Manitobans will rely on a food bank. Day to Day tells the stories of three people living in Winnipeg who count on food banks to make it to the next day. While the welfare office tells them they need to find jobs to support themselves and they work everyday to make that happen, there is always something holding them back. It’s as simple as not having the money to pay for a phone bill, or their only mode of transportation, a bike, being stolen. but still they hunt tirelessly for jobs, volunteer in the community at every opportunity, and give all their love to their children because they can’t provide anything else. And despite the constant set backs these individuals continue to push forward because they have hope that things will get better.

Day to Day is a Danielle Da Silva short film available on Vimeo.


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  1. How would I apply for volunteer work and how many hrs gives you how much?

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